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Turkish Soap Opera gets 3 million hits in English


Plot Summary of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent soap opera.

In the first Episode we see the young prince Suleiman rise to Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.  The historical drama takes on the air of a Soap Opera as the many palace intrigues unfold.  The main drama of Sultan Suleiman’s love live is the many palace plots and hidden agenda of the Sultan’s wives, harem, and eunuchs. But much of this drama is based on fact.

Episode 1 opens with our heroine Hurrem’s family being massacred  by the Tatars and taken as a slave. Historically, the term “Tatars” was applied to all of the people that controlled the vast region known as Tartary.  She is eventually sold to Sultan Suleiman’s Harem.

Later the captivating red-headed Russian slave girl conquers the Sultan’s heart and moves from slave concubine to second wife of the Sultan(Played by actress Meryem Uzerli).  Never before had a Sultan married a slave girl from the concubine.

Much of the show is historical fact but many details are fictionalized.  The private life of the Sultan’s harem with its many intimate bath scenes and revealing dresses disturb the morals of many of the original Turkish viewers that still swim fully clothed in public pools.

Much of what is known about the Ottoman Empire comes from the many Venetian diplomats that traded with the empire.  The Sultan’s wife Hurrem and her servent Nigar Kalfa executed many palace plots. The Sultan’s first wife, Maldevri, and the Sultan’s mother were constantly trying to break up the Sultan and Hurrem with poison plots, fire, whatever.

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